Who am I?

Whats up guys. I’m Paul, and in a nutshell, i’m obsessed with travelling and the outdoors in general. My passion for getting out and doing something a bit different has lead me to setting up this site, where I will promote what I believe are some of the best things about getting outdoors, traveling and generally just getting more exercise.

Iv’e been lucky enough to settle down with a girl who shares the same passion for the great outdoors as I do, and together we have traveled to a total of 12 European Countries, all across South America and even to areas of Asia. Seeing these places first hand has only furthered my love for being outdoors and exploring new cultures and possibilities, and I hope that this blog can run through why I believe getting out is so important for the human race.

For a little bit more about me, check out my first post: http://www.j-aac.com/hello-world/